Tales of the Unexpected

Capitalising on Great Missenden’s status as the heart of UK hot-air ballooning, the project begins by tracing unpredictable balloon flights at ground, breaking from the conventional measures of territory and requiring new interactions, negotiations and interventions.

Using a strategy of ‘radical primitivism’, basic and often clumsy responses to problems along the route, the project gains credence through the enthusiastic participation of locals.

Explored through five windows, the drawings shift through viewpoints, from aerial to oblique, axonometrix and worms-eye, questioning how our viewpoint affects both our understanding and formation of the built environment.`

Realised at a fantastical architectural scale, through film sets, installations and frescoes, it is hoped that through increased imagination, we might encourage local engagement and positive development, from new builds in the green belt to altered heritage assets.

A combination of fiction, performance, and reality gives a proposal that is not itself the transformation, but rather the catalyst for a new vernacular.