Edward Crooks is a design studio that makes installations, interiors, architecture, illustrations and more.

Crooks’ work creates new stories for existing places, realised through site-specific interventions. Often working within the bounds of cultural assets and listed buildings, our work aims to further the histories of constant change and adaptations that make such places valuable.

Based in East London, the studio works closely with a range of major public institutions, with clients including the National Trust, RIBA, British Council and the Royal Academy.

Recent projects include Above and Beyond, an installation for the London Festival of Architecture, Holding Up, a major solo show at Castle Drogo, and Drawing Words, an ambitious adaptable exhibition design currently showing in multiple locations worldwide, from Kuwait to Mumbai.

Edward runs the Civic Expression studio at Central St Martins. Previously he has been Associate Lecturer in Interior Design at Sheffield Hallam University, held positions with Asif Khan, Bureau Spectacular (Chicago/LA) and Hawkins Brown, and has been guest critic at various institutions including the Royal College of Art, University of Wisconsin and the University of Westminster.

Edward graduated MA Architecture at the Royal College of Art and BA (Hons) Architecture at the University of Sheffield, receiving a place in the Architectural Review’s top four global architecture graduates of the year.

The studio enjoys frequent collaboration across disciplines, working with craftspeople including filmmakers, stonemasons, carpenters and ceramicists to develop projects in context.


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